Howdy is a video messaging service where users can set up web pages where other people can record videos to send to them. We want to make digital communications more human and personal, and Howdy is how we think we can help.

Yes! Howdy runs on most modern browsers and supports desktop and mobile devices. You can record videos on a Howdy page on mobile, as well as managing your own video messages on mobile. On iPhones/iPads, you will need to use Safari for recording video messages because of security restrictions on iOS.

If you are having problem using Howdy on mobile, please email us at support@howdy.page and we will help you sort it out.

The Personal plan is free for you to start using Howdy without having to pay or enter any payment information. There are two additional plans, Growth and Business, aimed at helping people and companies that might need extra features.

We do not sell user data to advertisers. Howdy does not generate revenue from ads, and we do not plan to do so. Howdy is designed to be a communication tool for our users.

Contact Information

  • Contact us via email or contact form
  • Unit 1.1 Lafone House, The Leather Market, 11/13 Weston Street, London, England, SE1 3ER
  • support@howdy.page